Member Benefits

ACRC Consortium membership comes with many benefits:

Access to cutting-edge, yet affordable research through 30:1 leverage ratio in the consortium

Access to knowledge from related associate non-consortium, open projects, increasing ratio to >100:1

Access to cutting-edge experimental facilities at ACRC and the University of Illinois

Active participation in ongoing projects and steering of research directions

Provide input on future research topics and project ideas

Access to cutting-edge and current research topics being pursued in academia by University of Illinois faculty

Develop and promote own technology in front of customers

Use center results with company internal R&D efforts: external validation, shorten internal testing efforts, etc.

Access to expert knowledge, fresh views, and new ideas: ACRC faculty with well diversified range of backgrounds and research interests, along to other numerous faculty

Access to teaming opportunities with world leading academic faculty to go after larger federal funding opportunities

Additional, cost-effective contract research opportunities

Excellent recruiting opportunities with access to well-trained and educated students that you can interact with throughout the academic career of the student