AC & HP Systems Lab_Stefan Elbel

Ablimation and Condensation Frosting Vacuum Chamber_Nenad Miljkovic

Abraser_Nenad Miljkovic

Automatic Brazing Setup_Nenad Miljkovic

BrightDark-Field Optical Characterization_SungWoo Nam

Calorimeter Bar Setup for Device Characterization_Nenad Miljkovic

Chemical Hood_SungWoo Nam

Chemical Vapor Deposition System_SungWoo Nam

Climate Controlled Wind Tunnel Setup for Heat Exchanger Testing_Nenad Miljkovic

Conditioned Refrigerant Flow Facility to Study Expansion Devices_Stefan Elbel

Custom Peltier Environmental Chamber and Visualization System_Nenad Miljkovic

Defrosting Setup_Nenad Miljkovic

Drop Impact_Nenad Miljkovic

Durability of Surfaces Due to Droplet Sliding_Nenad Miljkovic

Durability Vacuum Chamber_Nenad Miljkovic

Electrical Probe Station_SungWoo Nam

Electronics Cooling Testbed_Nenad Miljkovic

Environmental Pressure Chamber_Nenad Miljkovic

Flow Boiling Rig_Nenad Miljkovic

Flow Fouling Setup_Nenad Miljkovic

Fog Harvesting_Nenad Miljkovic

Frost Growth Dynamics Testbed_Nenad Miljkovic

Heat Exchanger Testbed – Quiescent Conditions_Nenad Miljkovic

High Speed Cameras_Nenad Miljkovic

Immersion Cooling Setup_Nenad Miljkovic

Kyowa MCA-3 Microgoniometer_Nenad Miljkovic

Optical Microscope_Nenad Miljkovic

Pool Boiling Setup_Nenad Miljkovic

Pulse Defrosting Setup_Nenad Miljkovic

Q-Fog Corrosion Tester_Nenad Miljkovic

Quantification of Flow-Induced Noise_Stefan Elbel

Rapid Thermal Synthesis System_SungWoo Nam

Thermal Switch Setup_Nenad Miljkovic

Tube Durability Setup_Nenad Miljkovic

Vertical Condensation_Nenad Miljkovic

Wind Tunnel Facility to Study Air-side Heat Transfer_Stefan Elbel

Wind Tunnel for Frost Growth_Sophie Wang