Tube Durability Setup

Location: MEL 2409
Contact: Professor Nenad Miljkovic

This vacuum chamber is designed to test the durability of multiple Micro/Nano engineered coated tubes simultaneously in conditions similar to those encountered in a thermoelectric power plant condenser for periods of up to several months. Steam is generated inside the chamber and degassed with a controlled heater. A camera is installed to visualize the condensation on tubes inside the vacuum chamber. The visualizations shown here develop the guidelines of visual evaluation of coatings for their ability to promote dropwise condensation while exposed to steam and also helps elucidate the mechanisms governing coating degradation. The imaging and characterization of a hydrophobic polymer coatings having thickness of 25 μm and 5 μm on four different types of tubes with a varying surface area for condensation heat transfer was already conducted. DAQ system is installed to record the thermocouple reading, pressure of the vacuum and cooling liquid flow rate. These also helps to measure the average condensation heat transfer coefficient.