Plasma Cleaner

Location: MEL 2226
Contact: Professor Nenad Miljkovic

  1. Model: Harrick Plasma PDC – 001 – HP
  2. Specification:
    1. Minimum Vacuum Pump Speed: 1.4 m3/hr (0.83 ft3/min)
    2. Vacuum Pump Ultimate Total Pressure: 200 mTorr
  1. Use:

Plasma cleaner using atmospheric air mainly used to clean various micro & nano structures samples under vacuum condition, especially for removing organic residue remained on the samples after chemical cleaning. It is also used to remove various polymer coatings to change samples from hydrophobic/superhydrophobic states to hydrophilic/superhydrophilic states. It has external valve for other gases than atmospheric air, so we can use special gases for a purpose such as Nitrogen and Argon.