Kyowa MCA-3 Microgoniometer

Location: MEL 2226
Contact: Professor Nenad Miljkovic

MCA-3 is an image analysis contact angle meter (a.k.a. goniometer) that can accurately drop and detect microscopic droplets (under 100 µm). The system has both a top view to study the droplet movement and a side view to study the wettability. Using this device we can test a multitude of phenomena such as wettability of surfaces, surface tensions of various working fluids, evaporation and condensation of droplets. The specifications include:

  • A high magnification lens and a 12-fold zoom to provide a field of view from 75×56 µm to 910×680µm.
  • Automatic recognition of drop deposition by FAMAS analysis software.
  • Fine adjustable micro stage in x, y and z axes for exact positioning.
  • Fast image capture system to allow accurate measurements.
  • Inkjet head system, using piezoelectric technology to generate droplets from about 8 to 60 pL.
  • 01 to 180 degrees contact angle measuring range wuth 0.01 degrees resolution and 0.5 contact angle accuracy.