FLIR Infrared Camera

Location: MEL 2409
Contact: Professor Nenad Miljkovic

FLIR x8503sc InSb is a thermal image collector (Infrared Camera) that can accurately detect microscopic temperature variations (4 µm per pixel) in a spectral range of 3-5 µm. The system is of high mobility and could be used with any experiment in any orientation. Using this device we can test a multitude of phenomena such as interfacial effects, evaporation and condensation of droplets, and Marangoni and buoyancy effects. The specifications include:

  • 1280×1024 pixels resolution.
  • 20 mK thermal sensitivity.
  • -20 to 350 standard operation range.
  • Fast image capture system to allow accurate measurements.
  • A 4X close up lens system.
  • or % reading temperature measurement accuracy for 0 to 3000 .
  • or % reading temperature measurement accuracy for -20 to 0 .