Atmospheric Furnace

Location: MEL 2226
Contact: Professor Nenad Miljkovic

  1. Model: Thermo Scientific BF51732C-1
  2. Specification:
    1. Volts: 208/240
    2. Watts: 4.5 kW
    3. Amps: 16-19
    4. HZ: 50/60
    5. Phase: 1
    6. Max Temperature: 1200 °C
  1. Use:

Atmospheric furnace (non-vacuum) used for various purpose. The furnace mainly used for chemical vapor deposition process of various hydrophobic (non-polar) coatings such as Hepta-decafluoro decyltrimethoxySilane (HTMS), Poly-dimethylsiloxane (PDMS), and Teflon. Otherwise, it is used for all sample preparation and experiment which needed a stable-high temperature condition.