Location: MEL 2228
Contact: Professor Nenad Miljkovic

Mode: Taber Industries T-5900 Reciprocating Abraser


  1. Adjustable Stroke Length: 6 to 155 mm
  2. Variable Stroke Speed: 3 – 75 cycles/minute
  3. Variable Load: 1N to 24N Maximum (1N, 2N, 2.5N, 5N, 10N, 24N)
  4. Variable tool height adjustment: 25 to 160 mm above the table
  5. Stainless steel wearaser collect
  6. For wear testing with standard wearaser abradant; ¼” in diameter
  7. 115V/230V Switchable


Abraser is a test apparatus used to scratch a material surface to evaluate the relative resistance due to physical damage. The test is performed as an arm with weights meets with a sliding specimen platform that moves horizontally in reciprocating motion with the stationary tool holder. Test parameters such as stroke length (6 – 155mm), speed (3 – 75 cycles per minute) and load (1N – 24N maximum) are controlled so various settings for each test can be conducted. This instrument can perform the experiment up to three tests simultaneously. In ETRL, durability and SLIPs projects are conducted with this apparatus.