ACRC Graduate Students

Name/ResumeE-MailDegree ExpectedArea of Research
Saif Khan Alensalen2@illinois.eduMSME, December 2017Drainage of Condensate Retention between Fins on a Horizontal Tube Using Wettability Management
Kalyan Boyinaboyina2@illinois.eduMSME, May 2016Anti-Frosting Performance of Superhydrophobic Surfaces Experimental work
Hyeongyun Chacha10@illinois.eduPh.D., May 2019Durable Hydrophobic Surfaces
Shreyas Chavanschavan2@illinois.eduPh.D., May 2018Anti-Frosting Performance of Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Amir Chavoshichavosh2@illinois.eduPh.D., May 2017Pressure Drop in Headers of MCHXs
William Davies, IIIdaviesi2@illinois.eduPh.D., May 2019Air-cooled heat exchangers for power-plant applications
Bruno Y Kimura de   
Abdel Rahman   
Lili Fenglfeng8@illinois.eduPh.D., May 2017Heat pump for electric vehicles, charge imbalance and minimization for reversible systems
Shenghan Jinsjin8@illinois.eduPh.D., May 2017Two-phase heat exchangers
Yu Kangyukang2@illinois.eduMSME, December 2016Characterization of Pressure Drop in Power Plant Air-Cooled Condenser
Bryan Keatingbkeatin2@illinois.eduMSME, May 2016Control Strategies for Online Power Consumption Minimization
Dolaana Khovalygkhovalyg@illinois.eduPh.D., December 2016Two-Phase Microchannel Heat Exchangers (MCHXs), Study of Flow Instabilities
Hyun Jin Kimhkim257@illinois.eduPh.D., May 2018 
Neal Lawrencendlawre2@illinois.eduPh.D., August 2016Experimental and numerical investigation of two-phase ejector cycles
Houpei Lihli84@illinois.eduMSME, May 2016 
Huize Lihuizeli2@illinois.eduPh.D., December 2016Oil effects on refrigerant distribution in MCHXs
Jun Lijunli9@illinois.eduPh.D., August 2018Separation in headers to improve condensers and systems
Wenzhe  Distribution in Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE); Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH)
Yueming Lili199@illinois.eduMSME, May 2016 Controls of FGB System for Transient Process of Automobile AC/HP system
Emmanuel Omereomere2@illinois.eduPh.D., December 2019Shape shifting fins for HVAC&R applications
Hongliang Qianhqian7@illinois.eduMSME, December 2017 
Andrea Santambrogiosantamb2@illinois.eduMSME, May 2017Analysis and Mitigation of Flow Induced Noise in Expansion Devices
Jiange Xiaojxiao10@illinois.eduPh.D., May 2018Condensation From Superheated Region
Jiu (Joe) Xujiuxu2@illinois.eduPhD, May 2018Oil Separation in Compressors
Cheng-Min Yangcyang73@illinois.eduPhD, May 2018Effect of Microfin Geometry on Flow Boiling Heat Transfers
Rong Yurongyu2@illinois.eduPh.D., November 2016Omniphobic, Liquid-Infused Slippery Surfaces for HVAC&R Systems
Feini Zhangfzhang8@illinois.eduPh.D., November 2016Manipulation of Aluminum Surface Wettability
Yuheng (Frank)   
Jingwei Zhujzhu50@illinois.eduPhD, May 2018Expansion Work Recovery with Vortex Tube and Ejector