ACRC Alumni


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Jong Woo KimPh.D.May 2017Evaporator surface modification for improved defrosting speed


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Shreyas ChavanMSMEMay 2016Anti-Frosting Performance of Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Gregory HardyMSMEMay 2016Vortex-Generator Arrays for Air-Cooled Condensers in Electric Power Generation
Amy (Mei Yung) WongMSMEMay 2016 


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Gregory AlexanderMSMEMay 2015Improvement of Nucleate Heat Transfer by Surface Modification
Katie AmberMSMEMay 2015Transient Modeling in Simulink of Ground-Source, Two-Fluid, and Reversible Heat Pumps
Jessica BockPh.D.May 2015Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) data for Refrigerant/Oil Mixtures
Maria CortesMSMEMay 2015An Assessment of thermal contact resistance in fin-and-tube heat exchangers with expanded tubes
William Davies, IIIMSMEDecember 2015Air-cooled heat exchangers for power-plant applications
Lindsey GonzalesMSMEMay 2015 
Purushotam KumarPh.D.December 2015Simulation of multiphase flow in ACRC related application
Jun LiMSMEDecember 2015Separation and Extraction in Headers to Improve Heat Exchanger
Xuan LiuMSMEAugust 2015Lubricant Effect On Automotive A/C system
Sergio VivancoMSMEDecember 2015Heat Transfer and Flow Regimes in Coaxial Microfinned Aluminum Tubes
Jiange XiaoMSMEDecember 2015Condensation From Superheated Region


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mohammad Wasim AkramPh.D.May 2014 
Subhabrata BanerjeePh.D.December 2014 
Lingyan JiangMSMEDecember 2014Charge minimization in light commercial refrigeration systems
Rahul KolekarPh.D.May 2014Flow boiling of refrigerant based nanofluids
Chen-Yu LinMSMEAugust 2014Modeling of automotive internal heat exchanger
Melissa MeyerMSMEAugust 2014Condensation of low GWP fluids in superheated, two-phase, and subcooled regions
Tejas ShahMSMEMay 2014 
Lihan XuMSMENovember 2014Controlling subcooling instead of superheat of residential AC system
Augusto Jose Pereira ZimmermannPh.D.May 2014Oil and refrigerant flow at compressor discharge valve and discharge tube; oil separation at compressor discharge


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Rahul AgarwalMSMEMay 2013Condensation of low GWP fluids in superheated, two phase & sub-cooled region
Amne El CheikhPh.D.August 2013Frost and defrost of treated, plain-fin heat exchangers
Jeremy HorwitzMSMay 2013Simulation of multiphase flow for ACRC applications
Lingjun MengPh.D.May 2013Testing of polymer, liquid-to-gas heat exchangers
Muhammad Reaz MohiuddinMSMEDecember 2013 
Kashif NawazPh.D.December 20131-Novel materials for heat exchangers-Metal foams
2-Heat and mass transfer in desiccant coated metal foams
3-Building modeling for contaminant transport
Ashiqur RahmanPh.D.May 2013 
Hanfei TuoPh.D.June 2013- Two phase flow heat transfer and distribution in microchannel evaporators
- Residential and Mobile A/C systems
Yang ZouPh.D.November 2013Heat exchanger in residential AC unit


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Bharat BudhirajaMSMay 2012 
Tim GarvinMSMEMay 2012Development of micro-machined hybrid heat transfer surfaces
Shenghan JinMSMEMay 2012 
Bin LiPh.D.December 2012Modeling and control in AC/R systems with stop-start dynamics
Yadira PadillaMSMEAugust 2012Charge minimization in small refrigeration systems through simulation tools
Aravind RamakrishnanMSMEJune 2012Experimental Investigation of Oil Retention in Horizontal and Vertical Pipes
Seung Min YeoPh.D.August 2012Tribology, Lubrication, Hard and soft coatings for A/C compressor applications


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Algirdas BielskusMSMEAugust 2011Mal-distribution in parallel micro-channel heat exchangers - a system approach
Michael FayMSMEMay 2011 
Jing HePh.D.November 2011Vortex-Enhanced Heat Transfer by Novel Winglet Arrays
Surya Pratap MishraMSMEMay 2011Tribological studies on surface texturing in the presence of environmentally friendly refrigerants
Gustavo PottkerPh.D.December 2011 
Ankit SethiMSMEMay 2011Oil retention in horizontal and vertical return pipes
Mark ShoemakerMSMEMay 2011 
Scott WujekPh.D.May 2011Oil properties, distribution, and separation


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Jessica BockMSMEDecember 2010Novel materials for heat exchangers--the metal foams
Emerson EscobarPh.D.May 2010Tribology
Deep GuptaMSMEMay 2010Condensate management in automotive heat exchangers
Liping LiuPh.D.December 2010Super-wettable surfaces for heat exchangers in air-conditioning systems
Tarun MalikPh.D.June 2010 
Richard OttenMSMEAugust 2010Electronic expansion valve control for optimized system performance and efficiency
Steffen PeukerPh.D.December 2010Experimental and modeling investigation of mobile A/C & H/P systems
Kurt ZoellickMSMEMay 2010Oil retention in vertical return pipes


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Ben BarnesMSAugust 2009Mechanical System Design for University of Illinois 2007 Solar Decathlon House
Mr. Adithya BhatMSAugust 2009 
Dr. Chad BowersPhDFebruary 2009Developing Adiabatic Two-Phase Flow
Dr. Luis MartinezPhDAugust 2009Simplified Floor-Area-Based Energy-Moisture-Economic Model for Residential Buildings
Dr. Christopher SeetonPhDAugust 2009CO2-Lubricant Two-Phase Flow Patterns in Small Horizontal, Wetted Wall Channels; the Effects of Refrigerant/Lubricant Thermophysical Properties


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Ms. Diana DascalescuMSDecember 2008Tribology of PTFE-Based Coatings in Carbon Dioxide Environment
Dr. Nicholaos DemasPhDApril 2008Tribology of Carbon Dioxide Including Instrumentation for Testing At Extreme Pressures and Characterization of Advanced Protective Tribological Materials
Mr. Michael DschidaMSAugust 2008Evaluation of Microchannel Heat Exchangers for a Residential Mini-Split Type Air-Conditioning/Heat Pump System
Ms. Kristen HendersonMSDecember 2008Flow-Boiling of R-134a-Based Nanofluids in a Horizontal Tube
Mr. Jae Sung ParkMSAugust 2008A Run-Around Heat Exchanger System to Improve the Energy Efficiency of a Home Appliance Using Hot Water
Ms. Jennifer PeukerMSMay 2008Investigation of Options to Improve Efficiency of Transcritical R744 Two-Stage Vapor Compression Systems
Dr. Yongfang ZhongPhDFebruary 2008Condensation and Freezing Front Propagation on Surfaces with Topographic and Chemical Modifications


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Dr. Stefan ElbelPhDNovember 2007Experimental and Analytical Investigation of a Two-Phase Ejector used for Expansion Work Recovery in a Transcritical R744 Air-Conditioning System
Dr. Brandon FieldPhDSeptember 2007Two-Phase Pressure Drop and Flow Regime of Refrigerants and Refrigerant-Oil Mixtures in Small Channels
Dr. Arindom JoarderPhDJanuary 2007Longitudinal Vortex Generation to Enhance the Performance of Compact Heat Exchangers: Flow and Heat Transfer Behavior for Plain and Interrupted Fins
Dr. Chang Yong ParkPhDJanuary 2007Carbon Dioxide and R410a Flow Boiling Heat Transfer, Pressure Drop, and Flow Pattern in Horizontal Tubes at Low Temperatures
Dr. Young-Gil ParkPhDMay 2007Predicting the Air-Side Thermal-Hydraulic Performance Characteristics of Flat-Tube Louver-Fin Heat Exchangers under Dry and Wet Conditions
Mr. Matthew ScottMSMEMay 2007Quantitative Visualization of CO2-Oil Mixtures in CO2 Expansion Flows
Dr. Andrew SommersPhDAugust 2007Using Anisotropic Micro-Scale Topography to Manipulate the Wettability of Aluminum and Reduce the Retention of Water
Mr. Ben YannayonMSMEMay 2007Integrating HVAC Equipment with Other Building Subsystems


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Tim BeaversMSMEJanuary 2006Numerical Analysis of an Unbrazed, Flattened Copper Tube Condenser
Mr. Chad BowersMSMEJuly 2006Experimental Investigation of Two-Phase Refrigerant Distribution in a Microchannel Manifold
Mr. Radko BrockMSMEJuly 2006Comparison of Two Refrigerants Blends R404A and R410A in Commercial Refrigeration System in Low Temperatures Application
Mr. Greysa CerpaMSMEJune 2006Prediction and Control of an Exhaust-Heat Recovery System to Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Heavy-Duty Truck Engines
Mr. Ian DavidsonMSMEJune 2006Including Material Cost and Strength Constraints in Heat Exchanger Design
Mr. Brian EldredgeMSMEAugust 2006Improving the Accuracy and Scope of Control-Oriented Vapor Compression Cycle System Models
Mr. Michael HedrickMSMEDecember 2006Investigation of Transient Two-Phase Flow during Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System Startup
Mr. Michael KeirMSMEAugust 2006Dynamic Modeling, Control, and Fault Detection in Vapor Compression Systems
Dr. Greg MichnaPhDDecember 2006Heat and Mass Transfer Performance and Flow Characteristics of an Offset-Strip Array at Reynolds Numbers Up To 100,000
Mr. Steffen PeukerMSMEDecember 2006Experimental and Modeling Investigation of Two Evaporator Automotive Air Conditioning Systems
Mr. Timothy SolzakMSMEJune 2006Tribology of Protective Hard Coatings for Oil-Less Compressors
Mr. Scott WujekMSMESeptember 2006Experimental Investigation of an Environmental Control Unit Utilizing Carbon Dioxide for Heating and Cooling
Dr. Yanping XiaPhDDecember 2006An Analytical and Empirical Study of Frost Accumulation Effects on Louvered-Fin, Microchannel Heat Exchangers


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. John BrutzMSMEJune 2005Use of Unsteady Forcing in Interrupted-Fin Heat Exchangers: An Assessment of Potential
Mr. Jason BurrMSMEJune 2005Experimental Investigation of Viscous Two-Phase Flow in Microchannels
Mr. Josh CaponiMSME2005 
Mr. Joseph DeAngelisMSMEMarch 2005Experimental Study of System Performance Improvements in Transcritical R744 Systems with Applications to Bottle Coolers
Mr. Thomas Ryan GaddisMSMEJune 2005Flat Copper Tube Folded Fin Heat Exchanger Analysis
Mr. Juan Pablo GutierrezMSME2005 
Mr. Martin PoortMSMEMay 2005Applications and Control of Air Conditioning Systems Using Rapid Cycling to Modulate Capacity
Dr. Bryan RasmussenPhDDecember 2005Dynamic Modeling and Advanced Control of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
Mr. Christopher RennelsMSME2005 
Mr. Vishal ShethMSMEJune 2005Refrigerant and Oil Migration and Retention in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
Mr. Kevin TraegerMSMEMay 2005Charge Minimization of Microchannel Heat Exchangers


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Dr. Jorge AlvaradoPh.D.August 2004 
Ms. Michelle CannadayMSAugust 2004Tribology of Unfilled and Filled Polymeric Surfaces in Refrigerant Environment for Compressor Applications
Mr. Ramesh ChandrasekharanMSAugust 2004Analysis of design tradeoffs for display case evaporators
Ms. Jessica CromptonMSMay 2004Experimental Measurement and Modeling of Oil Holdup
Mr. Brett EllenMSDecember 2004 
Dr. Peng FeiPh.D.January 2004Adiabatic Developing Two-Phase Refrigerant Flow in Manifolds of Heat Exchangers
Dr. David GerlachPh.D.September 2004An Investigation of Electrochemical Methods for Refrigeration
Mr. Cesar GutierrezMSMay 2004Investigation of Refrigerator Moisture Infiltration during Closed and Open Door Conditions
Mr. Mark HoehneMSJanuary 2004Charge Minimization in Systems and Components using Hydrocarbons as a Refrigerant
Mr. Gaurav JainMSAugust 2004Simulation Analysis of Thermal Systems and Components
Mr. Siddharth JainMSAugust 2004Optimization of Heat Exchanger Design Parameters for Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Systems
Mr. Hardy KomandiwiryaMSApril 2004An Experimental Investigation of Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in an In-Tube Condensation System of Ammonia with and Without Miscible Oil in Smooth and Enhanced Tubes
Mr. Tarun MalikMSJune 2004Air Conditioning Hybrid Electric Vehicles while Stopped in Traffic
Dr. Ehab MinaPh.D.May 2004Dehumidification Effect by Coupling an Electroosmotic Material with a Desiccant Interface
Mr. Andrew MusserMSDecember 2004 
Mr. Neema PourmohamadianMSAugust 2004Connection Methods for Non-Metallic, Flexible, Thin, Microchannel Heat Exchangers
Mr. John RajanMS2004 
Dr. Xiao TuPh.D.January 2004Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannels 30 to 300 Microns in Hydraulic Diameter


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. David AdamsMSDecember 2003Pressure Drop and Void Fraction in Microchannels Using Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, and R245FA as Refrigerants
Mr. Emilio AvilesMSAugust 2003Detection of Evaporator Frost
Mr. Brad BullMSMay 2003A Study of the Application of Vortex Generators to Enhance the Air-Side Performance of Heat Exchangers
Mr. Nicholaos DemasMSDecember 2003Tribological Studies on Scuffing Due to the Influence of Carbon Dioxide Used as a Refrigerant in Compressors
Dr. Abdelrahman. El SherbiniPh.D.February 2003Modeling Condensate Drops Retained on the Air-Side of Heat Exchangers
Mr. Stefan ElbelMSDecember 2003Experimental and Analytical Validation of New Approaches to Improve Transcritical CO2 Environmental Control Units
Mr. Rammohan KalluriMSAugust 2003Parametric Study of Negatively-Buoyant Wall Jets and Air Curtains
Mr. Tushar KulkarniMSFebruary 2003Design Tradeoffs in Microchannel Heat Exchangers
Mr. Christopher MonroeMSMay 2003An Experimental Investigation of Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in Internally Enhanced Aluminum Microchannels
Mr. Rajat ShahMSAugust 2003Dynamic Modeling and Control of Single and Multi-Evaporator Subcritical Vapor Compression Systems
Mr. Andrew SommersMSDecember 2003Vortex Generation as an Air-Side Enhancement Method for Frosted-Surface Heat Exchanger Performance
Dr. Wilson Terrell, Jr.PhDAugust 2003Investigation of Refrigerator Heat and Mass Transfer Cabinet Loading During Open Door Conditions
Mr. Tomas UribeMSDecember 2003Designing and Optimizing Systems for Compressor Rapid Cycling
Mr. James VollrathMSOctober 2003An Experimental Investigation of Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in an In-Tube Condensation System of Pure Ammonia
Mr. Qingxuan Michael ZhangMSDecember 2003An Experimental Investigation of R134a Flow Distribution in Horizontal Microchannel Manifolds


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. John AldanaMSMarch 2002Critical Heat Flux of CO2 in a Microchannel at Elevated Subcritical Pressures
Mr. Marten DaneMSAugust 2002Investigation of Control Strategies for Reducing Mobile Air Conditioning Power Consumption
Mr. Brandon FieldMSApril 2002Entrainment in Refrigerated Air Curtains
Dr. Hongming GePh.D.September 2002Air-Side Heat Transfer Enhancement for Offset-Strip Fin Arrays Using Delta Wing Vortex Generators
Mr. Michael GiannavolaMSMay 2002Experimental Study of System Performance Improvements in Transcritical R744 Systems for Mobile Air-Conditioning and Heat Pumping
Mr. Xiliang (Richard) LiuMSMarch 2002Multiple Heat Exchangers Simulation within the Newton-Raphson Framework
Mr. Christopher MonroeMSDecember 2002 
Dr. Victor NiñoPh.D.October 2002Characterization of Two-Phase Flow in Microchannels
Ms. Sumin SongMSMarch 2002Experimental and Simulation Analysis of Microchannel Evaporators
Mr. Dan TompkinsMSDecember 2002Single Phase, Two-Phase Modeling; X-Ray Visualization for a Microchannel Manifold Distribution System
Mr. Parmesh VermaMSOctober 2002Design Tool for Display Case Heat Exchanger Frosting and Defrosting
Dr. Chad WinklerPh.D.September 2002Large Eddy Simulations of Particle Dispersion and Deposition in a Turbulent Square Duct Flow
Mr. Tae YooMSDecember 2002An Experimental Investigation of Two-Phase Flow Distribution in Microchannel Manifolds


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Ms. Diane CarlsonMSJune 2001Deposition, Distribution, and Effects of Frost on a Multi-Row Heat Exchanger Performance
Mr. David GerlachMSMarch 2001Dual Evaporator Household Refrigerator Performance Testing and Simulation
Mr. Srdjan IlicMSDecember 2001Effect of Short-Cycling Compressor Modulation on Refrigeration System Performance
Mr. Todd LeichtMSDecember 2001Exploratory Research on MEMS Technology for Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps
Mr. Shawn McLevigeMSJune 2001Experimental Investigation of the Source of Acoustic Bursts Produced by Household Refrigerators
Mr. Shawn NelsonMSJuly 2001Improved R134A Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Mr. Young-Gil ParkMSMay 2001Air-Side Performance Characteristics of Round- and Flat-Tube Heat Exchangers: A Literature Review, Analysis and Comparison
Dr. Scott ParkerPh.D.August 2001Stability and Vortex Shedding of Bluff Body Arrays
Mr. Jayesh PatelMSDecember 2001Investigation of the Scuffing Mechanism under Starved Lubrication Conditions Using Macro, Meso, Micro and Nano Analytical Techniques
Mr. Shaun PergandeMSDecember 2001Use of Nano-Indentation and Nano-Scratch Techniques to Investigate Near Surface Material Properties Associated With Scuffing of Engineering Surfaces
Mr. William (Tom) Piggott IIIMSDecember 2001Investigation of an R134A Refrigerant/Iso 32 Polyol Ester Oil Mixture in Condensation
Mr. Matt RichterMSJune 2001Comparison of R744 and R410A for Residential Heating and Cooling Applications
Mr. Chris RobinsonMSAugust 2001A Study of Frost Formation on a Plain Fin
Dr. Enrique RodartePh.D.August 2001Flow-Induced Noise in Heat Exchangers
Dr. Tim SheddPh.D.February 2001Characteristics of the Liquid Film in Horizontal Two-Phase Flow
Mr. Mike SmotrysMSJune 2001A Particle Image Velocimetry Study of Flow Structure in an Offset-Strip Array with Delta-Wing Vortex Generators
Mr. Dan TallitschMSJuly 2001Fractionation of R-407C in Brazed Plate Evaporators at Low Mass Flux
Mr. Alex TangMSJuly 2001Air-Side Heat Transfer with Highly Interrupted Surfaces: An Experimental Study of Condensate Retention Effects
Dr. Michael WilsonPh.D.April 2001A Study of Two-Phase Refrigerant Behavior in Flattened Tubes
Ms. Yixia (Julie) WuMSJune 2001Simulating the Performance of a Heat Exchanger During Frosting


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Philip BarnesMSAugust 2000Minimizing TEWI by Charge Reduction in a Compact Chiller
Mr. Jonathan ChappellMSJuly 2000Measurement of the Relationship Between Oil Circulation and Compressor Lubrication in a Mobile A/C System: Part Two
Mr. James DrozdekMSJuly 2000Measurement of the Relationship Between Oil Circulation and Compressor Lubrication in a Mobile A/C System: Part One
Mr. Sangeet GuptaMSAugust 2000Investigation of the Effect of an R134a/Polyol Ester Mixture on Void Fraction and Pressure Drop in Horizontal Tube Evaporators
Mr. Derek HarshbargerMSAugust 2000Finite Element Heat Exchanger Simulation Within a Newton-Raphson Framework
Dr. John HokePh.D.November 2000The Interaction Between the Substrate and Frost Layer Through Condensate Distribution
Mr. James KaiserMSJuly 2000Condensate Retention Effects on the Air-Side Heat Transfer Performance of Automotive Evaporator Coils
Mr. Wesley PayneMSDecember 2000Void Fraction and Pressure Drop in Microchannels
Mr. Joe PiraMSAugust 2000An Evaluation of Heat Exchangers Using System Information and PEC
Mr. James SolbergMSFebruary 2000Regulation of the Liquid-Mass-Fraction of the Refrigerant Exiting an Evaporator
Mr. Mark SteinMSFebruary 2000Moisture Transport, Frost Visualization, and Dual Evaporator Modeling in Domestic Refrigerators
Mr. Calvin TranMSJune 2000A Study of Refrigerant Void Fraction and Pressure Drop in Return Bends and Development of a New Two-Phase Experimental Apparatus


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Mateus AndradeMSJuly 1999Controlling Indoor Humidity Using Variable-Speed Compressors and Blowers
Mr. Andrew BeaverMSAugust 1999An Experimental Investigation of Transcritical Carbon Dioxide Systems for Residential Air Conditioning
Mr. Daniel BoeweMSJune 1999Comparative Experimental Study of Subcritical R134a and Transcritical R744 Refrigeration Systems for Mobile Applications
Mr. Soong Hun HongMSOctober 1999Heat Transfer in Thermally Developing Flow of Fluids with High Prandtl Numbers Preceding and Following U-Bend
Dr. Sean KearneyPh.D.August 1999An Experimental Investigation of Thermal Boundary Layer Structure and Heat Transfer in Oscillating Flows Using Cars Spectroscopy and Cold-Wire Anemometry
Mr. Stan KelmanMSJanuary 1999Dual Temperature Evaporator Refrigerator Design and Optimization
Ms. Grace KimMSAugust 1999Condensate Accumulation Effects on the Air-Side Thermal Performance of Slit-Fin Surfaces
Mr. A. Chad KirkwoodMSApril 1999Modeling, Design, and Testing of a Microchannel Split-System Air Conditioner
Mr. Andrew LitchMSAugust 1999Condensation of Ammonia in Microchannel Heat Exchangers
Mr. Ryan McEnaneyMSAugust 1999An Investigation of Control-Related Issues in Transcritical R744 and Subcritical R134a Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Mr. Andrew NoonanMSAugust 1999Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Air Conditioners and Refrigerators
Mr. Steve PetroskiMSAugust 1999An Investigation of the Performance of Confined, Saw-Tooth Shaped Wire-on-Tube Condensers
Mr. George SinghMSAugust 1999Noise Generation from Expansion Devices in Refrigerant
Ms. Shannon StottMSAugust 1999Experimental Analysis of a Minimum-TEWI Air Conditioner Prototype
Mr. Wilson Terrell, Jr.MSJuly 1999Evaluation of Secondary Fluids for Use in Low-Temperature Supermarket Applications
Mr. Nolan WartickMSAugust 1999An Experimental Study of Low-Reynolds-Number Flow and Heat Transfer in an Array of Louvers at a Non-Zero Angle of Attack
Mr. Jeff YinMSDecember 1999Condensate Retention Effects on the Air-Side Heat Transfer Performance of Plain and Wavy-Louvered Heat Exchangers
Dr. Hyung YoonPh.D.January 1999Scuffing Under Starved Lubrication Conditions
Ms. Sarah ZellerMSDecember 1999Flow Diagnostics and the Acoustic Behavior of a Fan-and-Coil Assembly


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Dr. Nicole DeJongPh.D.December 1998Flow, Heat Transfer, and Pressure Drop Interactions in Louvered-Fin Arrays
Dr. Mark GentryPh.D.February 1998Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Tip and Junction Vortices
Dr. Tara HemamiPh.D.August 1998Development of a Transient System Model of Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems
Mr. Helmut KopkeMSAugust 1998Experimental Investigation of Void Fraction During Refrigerant Condensation in Horizontal Tubes
Mr. Matt LengerMSJuly 1998Superheat Stability of an Evaporator and Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Mr. Marc SulfridgeMSMay 1998The Mesoscopic Peristaltic Compressor
Dr. Michael WilsonMSJuly 1998Experimental Investigation of Void Fraction During Horizontal Flow in Larger Diameter Refrigeration Applications
Mr. David YasharMSJuly 1998Experimental Investigation of Void Fraction During Horizontal Flow in Smaller Diameter Refrigeration Applications


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Kevin BellowsMSJuly 1997Flow Visualization of Louvered-Fin Heat Exchangers
Mr. Christopher BurtonMSMay 1997Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for R-32 and R-410A Mixed With a Polyol Ester: Non-Ideality and Local Composition Modeling
Mr. Noel DeGuzmanMSMay 1997Evaporative Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Vertical Channel with Obstructions
Mr. Doug GrahamMSDecember 1997Experimental Investigation of Void Fraction During Refrigerant Condensation
Mr. Garrick HerbstMSMay 1997Feasibility Study of a Pressure Exchanger in an Air-Cycle Air Conditioner
Dr. Evan HurlburtPh.D.August 1997Modeling of the Evaporation and Condensation of Zeotropic Refrigerant Mixtures in Horizontal Annular Flow
Mr. Cleveland JohnstonMSJuly 1997Refrigerant Charge Loss Detection for a Mobile Air Conditioning System
Mr. Eric KirbyMSJuly 1997Effect of Airflow Nonuniformity of Room Air Conditioner Performance
Mr. Chad KorteMSSeptember 1997Condensate Retention and Shedding Effects on Air-Side Heat Exchanger Performance
Ms. Lucy LiuMSJanuary 1997An Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Capillary Tube-Suction Line Heat Exchangers
Mr. James LumMSAugust 1997An Investigation of the Air-Side Forced Convection Heat Transfer from Saw-Tooth Shaped, Multi-Layer, Wire-On-Tube Condensers
Mr. Tim RushMSJuly 1997An Experimental Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in Wavy Passages
Dr. Tim SheddMSDecember 1997An Automated Optical Liquid Film Thickness Measurement Method
Dr. Todor SheiretovPh.D.August 1997Scuffing of Aluminum/Steel Contacts Under Dry Sliding Conditions
Mr. Robert SrichaiMSJuly 1997Two-Speed Compressor Operation in a Refrigerator/Freezer
Mr. Kevin StoneMSMay 1997Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in Wavy Passages
Mr. Brian StoreyMSJuly 1997Frost Growth in Laminar Channel Flows with Streamwise Vortices
Mr. Abhay VardhanMSNovember 1997Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of R-22, R-134A and R-407C in Microchannel Tubes
Mr. Eric WandellMSJuly 1997Experimental Investigation of Mobile Air Conditioning System Control for Improved Compressor Reliability
Mr. Michael WhitchurchMSAugust 1997Humidity Effects in Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Charlie CollinsMSJuly 1996Experimental Study of Mobile Air Conditioning System Transient Behavior
Ms. Mary DavisMSAugust 1996Evaporator Calorimeter: The Study of Overall Heat Transfer Performance
Dr. Keith FeltonMSSeptember 1996Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in a Developing Channel Flow with Streamwise Vortices
Mr. Aaron JensenMSJune 1996Refrigerant-Side Instrumentation in Room Air-Conditioners
Dr. John MeyerPh.D.August 1996Investigation of the Condensing and Expansion Behaviors of Alternative Refrigerants
Mr. Rodney RasmussenMSAugust 1996 
Ms. Kathleen SweeneyMSMay 1996The Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Behavior of a Zeotropic Refrigerant Mixture in a Microfinned Tube
Mr. Atul VijMSMay 1996Modeling of Two-Phase Flows in Horizontal Tubes
Mr. Pete WestonMSMay 1996Design and Construction of a Mobile Air Conditioning Test Facility for Transient Studies
Mr. Adam WoodMSSeptember 1996Modeling and Comparison of Primary and Secondary Refrigeration System Performance
Mr. Robert WoodallMSJune 1996Development, Validation, and Application of a Refrigerator Simulation Model
Dr. L. Winston ZhangPh.D.August 1996A Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in Compact Heat Exchangers


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Brian BridgesMSJuly 1995Simulation of Room Air Conditioner Performance
Mr. William CoulterMSJune 1995An Experimental Analysis of Cycling Losses in Domestic Refrigerator-Freezers
Dr. Nicole DeJongMSDecember 1995An Experimental Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in Offset Strip and Louvered-Fin Heat Exchangers
Dr. Mark GentryMSJuly 1995Heat Transfer Enhancement on a Flat Plate Using Delta-Wing Vortex Generators
Mr. Kurt GoslovichMSMay 1995Feasibility of Using Extruded Aluminum Tubing for Refrigerator Heat Exchangers
Mr. Tim GrahamMSJune 1995Friction and Heat Transfer Characteristics for Single-Phase Flow in Microchannel Condenser Tubes
Dr. Matthew HeunPh.D.July 1995 
Dr. John HokeMSOctober 1995An Experimental Investigation of the Air-Side Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient on Wire and Tube Refrigerator Condenser Coils
Dr. Xiaolan HuPh.D.May 1995The Intertube Falling-Film Modes: Transition, Hysteresis, and Effects on Heat Transfer
Dr. Sean KearneyMSMarch 1995Local and Average Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Annularly Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
Mr. Lee KnackstedtMSMarch 1995A Study of Convective and Mass Heat Transfer Refrigerator During Open Door Conditions
Mr. Tim NygaardMSApril 1995Experimental Investigation and Simulation of Split System Air Conditioners Charged with Zeotropic Refrigerants
Mr. Marcos PonchnerMSApril 1995Condensation of HFC-134a in an 18° Helix Angle Micro-Finned Tube
Dr. Franco RagazziPh.D.April 1995Thermodynamic Optimization of Evaporators with Zeotropic Refrigerant Mixtures
Mr. Jose Rubio-QueroMSJuly 1995A Facility for Transient Testing of Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Mr. Jeff SheltonMSApril 1995A Fundamental Study of Refrigerant Line Transients
Mr. Richard ShimonMSAugust 1995Evaporative Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Refrigerant-Oil Mixtures
Mr. T. Dean SwoffordMSSeptember 1995An Experimental Investigation of the Air-Side Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient on Wire and Tube Refrigerator Condenser Coils
Ms. Tisha VillanuevaMSAugust 1995Flow Boiling Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of a 45/55% by Weight Mixture of R32/R125
Dr. David ZietlowPh.D.May 1995Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics of Condensing Refrigerants in Small-Channel Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. David AndresMSOctober 1994Design and Construction of a Condensation Heat Transfer Experimental Facility for Use with Microchannel Condenser Tubing
Mr. Alberto CavallaroMSJuly 1994Effects of Varying Fan Speed on a Refrigerator/Freezer System
Dr. Monte DobsonPh.D.May 1994Heat Transfer and Flow Regimes During Condensation in Horizontal Tubes
Mr. Joshua GaibelMSMay 1994Condensation of a 50/50 Blend of R-32/R-125 in Horizontal Tubes with and Without Oil
Mr. Michael GoodsonMSOctober 1994Refrigerator/Freezer System Modeling
Mr. Ken GreenfieldMSOctober 1994Experimental Study of Non-Adiabatic Flow of Refrigerant R-134a in a Capillary Tube
Mr. Judson KenneyMSJuly 1994Condensation of a Zeotropic Refrigerant R-32/R-125/R-134a (23%/25%/52%) in a Horizontal Tube
Mr. Paul KrauseMSAugust 1994Cycling and Quasi-Steady Behavior of a Refrigerator
Mr. David LuhrsMSOctober 1994Design and Construction of a Microchannel Condenser Tube Experimental Facility
Mr. William MartzMSOctober 1994Refrigerant-Oil Mixtures and Local Composition Modeling
Mr. Robert McGillMSJuly 1994Influence of Macroscopic Heat Flow Constrictions on the Performance of Fin/Tube Heat Exchangers
Mr. Casey MullenMSAugust 1994Room Air Conditioner System Modeling
Mr. Scot ReagenMSOctober 1994 
Mr. Steve RuggMSAugust 1994Design, Testing and Validation of a Room Air Conditioner Test Facility
Mr. Willem VanGlabbeekMSNovember 1994The Effect of Dissolved Water on the Tribological Properties of Polyalkylene Glycol and Polyolester Oils
Mr. Stefan VolkerMSApril 1994 
Dr. Jonathan WatteletPh.D.May 1994Heat Transfer Flow Regimes of Refrigerants in a Horizontal-Tube Evaporator
Mr. Todd WilliamsMSMay 1994An Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Refrigerator During Closed Door Conditions


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Dr. David AdmiraalMSAugust 1993Heat Transfer in Refrigerator Condensers and Evaporators
Mr. Bryan ChristoffersenMSAugust 1993Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics of R-22, R-32/R-125 and R-134a in Smooth and Micro-Fin Tubes
Mr. Scott FellerMSJuly 1993Design of the Outdoor Environmental Chamber of a Room Air Conditioner Test Facility
Mr. Jonathan FlemingMSJuly 1993Design of the Psychrometric Calorimeter Chamber of a Room Air Conditioner Test Facility
Mr. Greg HahnMSJune 1993Modeling Room Air Conditioner Performance
Mr. M. J. Frank JohnsonMSSeptember 1993Design of an Experimental Apparatus for Studying the Flow of Refrigerant R-134a in a Capillary Tube Refrigeration System
Dr. Lisa OrthMSSeptember 1993Predicting Refrigerant Inventory of HFC 134a in Air Cooled Condensers
Dr. Paul RubasMSJuly 1993Assessment of Factors Contributing to Refrigerator Cycling Losses
Dr. Todor SheiretovMSJuly 1993Tribological Evaluation of Compressor Contacts - Retrofitting and Materials Studies
Dr. Mark SmithPh.D.May 1993Analysis and Optimization of a Dual-Load Vapor Compression Cycle Using Non-Azeotropic Refrigerant Mixtures
Mr. Sean SmithMSMay 1993Semi-Theoretical Steady State and Transient Modeling of an Automotive Air Conditioning Evaporator
Mr. Joel VanderZeeMSMay 1993Semi-Theoretical Steady State and Transient Modeling of a Mobile Air Conditioning Condenser


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Dawood AliMSFebruary 1992The Effects of Frost Formation on the Performance of Domestic Refrigerator-Freezer Finned-Tube Evaporator Coils
Dr. John BarnhartPh.D.December 1992An Experimental Investigation of Flow Patterns and Liquid Entrainment in a Horizontal-Tube Evaporator
Mr. Brian BoughtonMSMay 1992An Investigation of Household Refrigerator Cabinet Loads
Mr. Joseph DarrMSFebruary 1992Modeling of an Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Based on Experimental Data
Mr. Bruce DavisMSMay 1992The Tribological Evaluation of Compressor Contacts Lubricated by Oil-Refrigerant Mixtures
Mr. Jeff GrebnerMSFebruary 1992The Effects of Oil on the Thermodynamic Properties of Dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12) and Tetrafluoroethane (R-134a)
Mr. David HindeMSOctober 1992Condensation of Refrigerants 12 and 134a in Horizontal Tubes With and Without Oil
Ms. Lisa KnoblochMSJanuary 1992Dynamic Modeling of a Mobile Air Conditioning Compressor and Condenser From Actual Performance Data
Mr. Mark LalemanMSMay 1992Sensible and Latent Energy Loading on a Refrigerator During Open Door Conditions
Dr. Ovidiu MarinMSDecember 1992Development of the Temperature Limit Principle For Determining Heat Transfer Characteristics of Cross Flow Heat Exchangers
Mr. John PanekMSJanuary 1992Evaporation Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Ozone-Safe Refrigerants and Refrigerant-Oil Mixtures
Mr. Kevin PorterMSDecember 1992Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of a Refrigerator/Freezer System
Mr. Bruce PurvisMSNovember 1992Development of a Computer Model for Refrigerant Flow in Small Diameter Tubes
Mr. Ron ReevesMSJanuary 1992Modeling and Experimental Parameter Estimation of a Refrigerator/Freezer System
Mr. Charles SchenkMSJanuary 1992Dynamic Modeling of a Mobile Air Conditioning System From Actual Performance Data
Mr. Dean StaleyMSJune 1992Steady-State Performance of a Domestic Refrigerator/Freezer Using R12 and R134a


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Ms. Danielle BonhommeMSOctober 1991Condensation of Ozone-Safe Refrigerants in Horizontal Tubes: Experimental Test Facility and Preliminary Results
Dr. Matthew HeunMS1991Performance and Optimization of Microchannel Condensers
Mr. Michael KempiakMSApril 1991Three-Zone Modeling of a Mobile Air Conditioning Condenser
Dr. Franco RagazziMSOctober 1991Modular-Based Computer Simulation of an Air-Cooled Condenser
Mr. Chris SiambekosMSOctober 1991Two-Zone Modeling of a Mobile Air Conditioning Plate-Fin Evaporator
Mr. Robert WeberMSOctober 1991Development of an Experimental Facility to Evaluate the Performance of Air-Cooled Automotive and Household Refrigerator Condensers Utilizing Ozone-Safe Refrigerants


NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
Mr. Todd MichaelMS1990 
Dr. Ray RiteMSAugust 1990The Effect of Frosting on the Performance of Domestic Refrigerator-Freezer Finned Tube Evaporator Coils
Dr. Jonathan WatteletMSAugust 1990Design, Building, and Baseline Testing of an Apparatus Used to Measure Evaporation Characteristics of Ozone-Safe Refrigerants

NameDegreeDegree DateArea of Research
David Kaiser